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Big and nano

Opportunities to reorganize situations tend to elude our grasp when they are big and contextual–that is, when they involve perceiving trends and taking action to shake up our own or other’s ecosystems. And opportunities to improve our powers, our capabilities, tend to escape recognition because they involve manipulating processes and experimenting with causal possibilities that […]

How do we land this plane? How do we land this planet?

In business meetings we often ask “how do we land this plane?” meaning, “How do we bring this process to a successful conclusion?” and–mixing metaphors–“How do we go from having a lot of balls in the air to bringing about an outcome we can live with?” In our current global situation,  “How do we land this planet” […]

CO2 Poisoning may be the most important threat to people

CO2 at about 500ppm interferes with thinking.  Below is the chart.  Now, here’s the big idea:  We are now at 400ppm, and the Paris talks are heading us higher than that–into the Co2 poisoning range: Here is the startling chart summarizing the study results: Exclusive: Elevated CO2 Levels Directly Affect Human ……/carbon-dioxide-impair-brain/ ThinkProgress Oct […]

Notes on monopolies that are restrictive of co-evolution around them

If you want to proliferate across the world, then every key field of contribution needs to be as open as possible to talent, capital and so on, so that capabilities develop.  In addition, the results of the field need to be made to serve a wide range of use cases, because “one size does not […]

CO2 and the rising middle class: making our way forward through designing for abundance

While abundance is a very real possibility, we are also in a race against time. Can some version of today’s world handle a population of nine billion? Peter Diamondis, Abundance: the future is better than you think[i] I subscribe to the following line of thought. It is supported and perhaps best articulated by Ray Kurzweil […]

Working draft: Design for Abundance

This project began with the support of key leaders in the smartphone ecosystems, with doors opened up by the senior executives of ARM Holdings.  In the two years since I began, I’ve expanded the study, and abstracted the ideas and made them more generally applicable.  The following are essays that demonstrate a new level of […]