Churchill Club conversation with Jim Moore (author), Simon Segars (ARM CEO), Paul Saffo (Futurist and host)

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Churchill Club, Silicon Valley

New Cross-Industry Collaborations: Simon Segars & James F. Moore hosted by Paul Saffo

[Introduction provided by the Churchill Club] A provocative San Francisco breakfast conversation about the growing trend of cross-industry collaboration, with Simon Segars, incoming CEO of ARM, and James F. Moore, former Harvard Berkman Center Fellow and expert in leadership and change in large-scale systems, led by respected futurist Paul Saffo. New multi-industry business ecosystems are forming in such diverse areas as telecom, transportation, travel, royalty cards, and financial services—to name but a few. How is this occurring? How do partners get their fair share of the value created? What’s the secret to collaborating in the competitive landscape? Can open insurgencies conquer established giants, and if so, how?