The ideas highlighted in my recent work have been inspired by conversations with a number of experts, including the following who were helpful in the book Shared Purpose.  Many thanks to those who gave generously of goodwill, insights, wisdom, data sets, and time: People in the connected community invited me into their fascinating worlds. As other authors have said better than me: the insights are mostly theirs, the mistakes are all mine. If I have missed anyone please let me know. Thanks so very much to:
Paramesh Gopi AMCC
Charles Huang Cadence
Pankaj Major Cadence
Karl Freund Calxeda
Robert Hormuth Dell
Matteo Paris Ember
Frank Frankovsky Facebook
Mario Centeno Freescale
Geoff Lees Freescale
Charles Cella GTC Law
JD Deng Harvard
George Grey Linaro
Darren Jones Mass Solar
Wally Rhines Mentor Graphics
Tom Sanfilippo Microsoft
Phil Carmack NVIDIA
Jonathan Masters Redhat
Phil Dworsky Synopsys
Rich Goldman Synopsys
Yvette Huygen Synopsys
Steve Glaser Xilinx
Dave Tokic Xilinx
Nicole St. Claire Knobloch Concord Bookshop
Warren East ARM
Ian Ferguson ARM
Kris Flautner ARM
Charlene Marini ARM
Simon Segars ARM
Ellie Springett ARM
Ian Thornton ARM
Raymond Deplazes Racepoint
RJ Bardsley Racepoint

A very special thanks to Ellie Springett, Charlene Marini and Ian Thornton for conceiving — in classic ARM fashion — of a partner-centered editorially-independent study of the connected community, for providing access to leaders of the company and the community, and for being super effective, fun, insightful, wise and emotionally intelligent, usually all at once. Amazing! Thank you so very much.