Working draft: Design for Abundance

This project began with the support of key leaders in the smartphone ecosystems, with doors opened up by the senior executives of ARM Holdings.  In the two years since I began, I’ve expanded the study, and abstracted the ideas and made them more generally applicable.  The following are essays that demonstrate a new level of generalization, and better enable comparative studies of other business ecosystems.  Overall, the goal is to connect with the work of other leaders and academics, and contribute to transferable, generally-applicable methods.  Your comments are appreciated, through linked posts on your blog or twitter, or directly below.  Pings and trackbacks are supported.  Thanks.

Title and TOC:

Design for Abundancefocused

Core 200 pages of the new draft, a graphic and conceptual expansion of the initial ideas:

Design for Abundancefocused.2

Specially-directed chapters relating to the challenge of creating abundance in the face of global crises:

Design for Abundancefocused.3

Accelerating and directing investments in science and engineering, liberating Moore’s Law-supporting activities; the need to connect science and engineering more closely, more freely to society:

Design for Abundancefocused.4

Inclusive Ecosystems, lowering barriers to entry to business participation, freeing the Makers and connecting Makers and other social leaders with Open Science and Engineering:

Design for Abundancefocused.5

List of interview participants, with thanks.

Design for Abundancefocused.6

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