Big and nano

Opportunities to reorganize situations tend to elude our grasp when they are big and contextual–that is, when they involve perceiving trends and taking action to shake up our own or other’s ecosystems. And opportunities to improve our powers, our capabilities, tend to escape recognition because they involve manipulating processes and experimenting with causal possibilities that […]

CO2 and the rising middle class: making our way forward through designing for abundance

While abundance is a very real possibility, we are also in a race against time. Can some version of today’s world handle a population of nine billion? Peter Diamondis, Abundance: the future is better than you think[i] I subscribe to the following line of thought. It is supported and perhaps best articulated by Ray Kurzweil […]

To accelerate and direct science toward the most important challenges of our time

It is my belief that the basic knowledge that we’re providing to the world will have a profound impact on the human condition … and [on] our view of our place on the biological continuum. Craig Venter[ii] We are living in a modern renaissance of science. Whatever else business is good for, businesses bring the […]

GeoPartners and shared purpose: improving ecosystems through comprehensive design

Today the biological ecosystem of our planet cannot be separated from human society, technology and business; that is, human ecosystems.  And there are no social, technological and business ecosystems independent of biology. The challenge today is to develop ecosystems comprehensively, from the standpoint of biology, society, technology and business.  This is causing traditional ecologists and geophysicists to rethink their […]

Ke Rong and China-oriented studies of business ecosystem formation

Business Ecosystems: Constructs, Configurations, and the Nurturing Process And these fascinating articles on business ecosystems development in China Reshaping the business ecosystem in China: case studies and implications K Rong, Z Liu, Y Shi – … of Science and Technology Policy in …, 2011 – Purpose–The purpose of this paper is to explore a way to […]