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The ideas highlighted in my recent work have been inspired by conversations with a number of experts, including the following who were helpful in the book Shared Purpose.  Many thanks to those who gave generously of goodwill, insights, wisdom, data sets, and time: People in the connected community invited me into their fascinating worlds. As […]

Churchill Club conversation with Jim Moore (author), Simon Segars (ARM CEO), Paul Saffo (Futurist and host)

Churchill Club, Silicon Valley New Cross-Industry Collaborations: Simon Segars & James F. Moore hosted by Paul Saffo [Introduction provided by the Churchill Club] A provocative San Francisco breakfast conversation about the growing trend of cross-industry collaboration, with Simon Segars, incoming CEO of ARM, and James F. Moore, former Harvard Berkman Center Fellow and expert in […]

Introduction of the May 2013 first edition of Shared Purpose: A Thousand Business Ecosystems, a Worldwide Connected Community, and the Future

Nobel-prize-winning economist Oliver Williamson writes that 100 years ago the profession of economics split along two lines: one group went toward a price model, the other toward achieving shared purpose in organizations.[i] The price mechanism had the great advantage of making our economy more friction-free because you and I can trade freely even if you […]